The Global Architect MBA is composed of

+50 challenges

during 12 months,

related to 7 modules

Everything that Architecture School didn't show you

🧠 Mindset

Believing in yourself

There is no doubt that success in life can be highly attributed to the growth mindset. The growth mindset being that you believe that you as an individual have the ability to be better at what ever it is you choose.

How often do you push yourself out of your comfort zone and try new things as part of your personal development?

8 challenges of the Mindset module on Beginner Edition of the Global Architect


How to activate your customers

Being a successful architect online is all about cultivating as many new customers as possible.

With that fact in mind, it’s no wonder that many architects assume that they should try to share their message with as many different people as possible. After all, the wider your reach, the more potential customers you can get, right?

Well… maybe not.

8 challenges of the Audience module on Beginner Edition of the Global Architect

📡 Marketing

Relationships. We’re lost without them.

Even a well-defined target audience won’t transact business with companies that ignore their basic needs and don’t satisfy demands. Customers know what they want and if they don’t get it, they’ll choose competition to continue doing business with.

We will show you how to nurture relationships.

8 challenges of the Marketing module on Beginner Edition of the Global Architect

💸 Sales

Sales is the holy grail to making any business work.

Everyone is a salesman for their own company. Sales is not only the key to business success, but also is the key to personal success and achievement.

Learn how to transform your architectural knowledge into a consistent revenue.

8 challenges of the Sales module on Beginner Edition of the Global Architect

📦 Product

For creatives, there’s nothing more important than their portfolio.

A good portfolio can help you snag the clients you are after and attract the attention of professionals that can advance your career.

Looking to create the perfect portfolio?
You will find the answers.

8 challenges of the Product module on Beginner Edition of the Global Architect

💼 Business

Understanding the unit economics of an Online Studio

If you are involved in business, understanding unit economics is very important. However, not everyone is all that keen on the idea of studying economics. It does sound, after all, like a complicated subject.

We made it simple.

8 challenges of the Business module on Beginner Edition of the Global Architect

⚙️ Operations

How to run your Online Studio efficiently

Good operations management begins with understanding and preparing your processes to run as smoothly as possible. We live in a digital world. Your old-school toys are not working any more.

We will provide you a new updated digital toolkit to play and have fun globally

8 challenges of the Operations module on Beginner Edition of the Global Architect

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