How does it work?

Learn the way that best suits you

Learn anytime, anywhere and whatever way you like with multiple training formats.

You have 2 versions of the program: GLOBAL and PREMIUM



Micro-learning 30 minute classes, basic concepts, to the point. No BS.

In audiovisual format + Downloadable files: scripts, notes, Templates

You will also have Assessment & Quiz at the end of some block for training reinforcement.

Challenges and Webinars

Having fun every week.

Every Week, a new challenges will be published. Then you will have a 4 days to learn and work based on self-guided lessons, practical individual or team exercises.

Fridays will be dedicated to online webinars with mentors.
If you can't assist, don't worry, we'll publish the recordings on the Members Area.

Online e-learning platform

You are in control of your learning

Access the training online from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like.

Step by Step Process

We make sure that you always move forward

Personal Initiation Call

You will have a personal call to find out all the details of the training program, answer any questions and start your first steps.

Follow-up calls

Periodically, you will have personal calls to track your progress and keep your FOCUS on generating results.

A ton of Resources

Everything you need.

Global Architect will provide you all the resources you need to succeed on Selling Architecture Online.

Inside the program, apart from the Blog and the Help Center, you’ll find an awesome, easy-to-use and free Digital Toolkit, a Library that will feed your mind, and a full Global Architect Calendar.


You are not alone.

Connect with like-minded peers from around the globe to share with, help and learn from each other. Our community is all about mutual support, pursuing the same goals all over the world.

As a Global Architect participant you will join a Secret Community Group 🤫

Apply what you learn

Learning by Doing

Global Architect has been designed from the ground up to help you apply what you learn into Stoor Architecture Marketplace.

Inside, you’ll find exercises guiding you step by step through the messy process of designing an Online Studio. You’ll also get dozens of templates, and posters all designed to amplify the power of this MBA.


Office Hours with Mentors

Sometimes we need help

Network with Mentors in a more deeper way with Office Hours.

It’s not just another mass open online course but rather a carefully crafted experience where you will be taken on a journey in a small group of designers and mentors, who will care about your progress.

Customer Service

You have a team of people at your disposal to help you with everything you need.

Get personalized support from experts who can troubleshoot your problems and provide direction. All courses include weekly Q&A calls, recordings, student interviews, livestream sessions and 24/7/365 support.

Networking Opportunities

VIP Relationships.

Get answers to any questions that arise in the course of your process, request feedback, and join a tribe of talented Global Architects that will celebrate your wins and be there to support you. Anything you need help with, our VIP community members are here for you.

Apply today to join over 1,000 innovators in the Global Architect network.

The next application deadline is September 15, 2021.