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What are the topics covered by Stoor's Global Architect Program?

Global Architect covers all the topics you need to know in order to build a better business.

Our current content calendar includes experts training on Audience Definition, Marketing and Sales Strategies, Product Development, Business Planning, Leadership, Firm Culture, Customer Fulfillment, Technology, and Management.

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Do I need to travel to be a member of Global Architect?

No, the Global Architect MBA runs completely online.

There are no in-person meetings and hence no travel necessary. This means that the time investment is much lower than other alternatives: conferences, in-person training etc. All training sessions are presented via real-time internet video conference or Webinars.

Are the Global Architect sessions recorded?

All Global Architect Sessions are recorded and available at our comprehensive video library for viewing at members’ convenience.

How much time will I need to dedicate to Global Architect

The course was designed for busy practitioners who have full-time jobs. So, the Global Architect requires roughly 3-4 hours per week.

Every Week two new challenges will be published, so you will have 4-5 days to complete the challenges. Most participants find the time for the course on weekends but some get a day or several hours off their weekly schedule to invest in the course. Dedicating an additional 30 minutes each week to apply the lessons learned will help you build a better business and take your firm to greater success.

I live in Europe / America / Asia / Australia. Can I join?


Although the curriculum at Global Architect is based on EU business systems, we have members enrolled from around the world. And the course is designed for remote learning; most assignments are done individually, and interaction with the community can be done asynchronously. There are only a few calls where showing up is necessary.

When are the weekly live coaching meetups scheduled?

Live Coaching Meetups are scheduled on Thursdays or Fridays (pending holidays) of each week at 5 PM (UTC+2 – Madrid).

Since Global Architect is an interactive program, please be aware of local time zone differences. For those located in the Americas, that is Friday morning and for those in Asia, a co-working call would take place late in the evening.

What if I can't go to one of the live sessions?

If you cannot attend one of the sessions, don’t worry, you can send us your question anyway and it will be resolved in the session.

Who is the Global Architect for?

The Global Architect Program was made specifically for architecture design professionals, but the curriculum is applicable to consultants and in-house designers.

It covers fundamental business concepts that are relevant across industries, different company sizes, and backgrounds.

Do I need to be an architecture firm owner?

No. Although most Global Architect members are firm owners, many members are architects preparing for the launch of their own firms. If you really want to become the owner of an Architecture firm, this is definitely the MBA program you were waiting for!

How does the program content look like?

The program material consists of presentation slides, PDFs, videos, downloadable files and additional resources like Books, Articles, Courses and Podcasts. Most of the content is publicly accesible online and you will easily find and use it to complete the challenges.

Each week, you’ll receive around 10-30 minutes of video material, weekly assignments, and materials for further exploration. Some chapters include additional frameworks or tools. For example, the SWOT challenge comes with a template, which you can use on your projects.

How are you going to communicate with me?

We've made everything as easy as possible to communicate with you.

We will use emails for weekly announcements, video-calls for webinars, Slack for daily operations and support, Linkedin for Community, and phone calls if needed.

What language are you going to use?

The Global Architect MBA will be exclusively in English.

All the shared content, the communications and webinars will be in English. Even though, our mentors speak several languages, including English, Spanish, Greek, French, Portuguese, Russian and German. So you might speak in different languages with them if needed when you book a meeting for Office Hours.

Is this program certified?

Even though the Global Architect MBA is not an official MBA program, the focus of the Global Architect is on practical knowledge and network, and after graduation, participants receive the Global Architect certificate and become part of the alumni group, where they can ask work-related questions (even after the program), join Global Architect local meetups and receive content updates.

Which document templates are available to Global Architect members?

All documents in audiovisual format + Downloadable files (scripts, notes, Templates) are available to Global Architect members at no additional cost.

What are the deadlines and important meeting within the program?

Global Architect is designed to be as flexible as possible, however, there are deadlines to ensure that a group gets benefits of group dynamics (feedback, discussions, etc.).

In order to successfully finish the program and join the alumni network, you have to finish at least 80% of the assignment within duration of the program. Additionally, each Sunday is a project assignment deadline. Each participant can submit one assignment late but they lose the right for feedback.

Should I have any prior business knowledge to join the program?

No. You don’t need any prior business knowledge.

We will start from the ground up, avoid business jargon, and build a holistic understanding of business.

What is the level of collaboration with other participants?

Most assignments are individual so you are very flexible.

Even though you do not collaborate with other participants on most assignments, you have access to the community at all times. For example, there is an exclusive community group where you can ask questions, join discussions, share resources, and talk about your challenges. Additionally, every month there is an additional call with group discussions. In these calls, participants are divided into smaller groups (of 5) based on the module they are working on, and talk about how they can apply the knowledge acquired to their work.

What are the payment options?

We accept PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and other credit cards via Stripe. We do not accept cash, checks or money transfers.

Do you offer money-back guarantee?

Yes, we do.

As with every product or service we offer at Stoor, if you are not completely satisfied with your membership at Global Architect Program, just send us an email within 30 days of your initial payment and we will refund 100% of your money… all of it. No questions asked.

How can I contact with you?

If you do not find an answer to your question, We will be happy to help you personally.

Please contact us by email at mba@stoor.pro or in the Slack group (Only for registered participants).

We will answer any questions as soon as possible.

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