Global Architect


Welcome to the 2020 Global Architect Program,

The Global Architect is the world’s first online MBA that will show architects and designers how to sell architecture online. It’s a program that teaches all you need to open a studio, how to design and offer projects and build your architecture empire, everything ONLINE.

The goal of Global Architect is:

  • launch successful projects from scratch (or start your own venture one day).

  • help you create several flows of income selling architecture online.

Mind-blowing Program

Everything you need to know to sell architecture online

The program consists in 7 modules:

Audience, Marketing, Sales, Product, Business, Operations and Mindset that includes all you need to know to start selling online.

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How does it work?

Every Monday, a new challenge will be published.

Then you will have 4 days to learn and work based on self-guided lessons, practical individual or team exercises. Fridays will be dedicated for online webinars with mentors.

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Wanna try?

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Money-Back Guarantee

Put all the knowledge into work with Stoor.

We promise you, it will work. You can’t sell any project on Stoor in one year??

We will give your money back!

We have 365 days to talk, one year to mentor you, to help you in each and every challenge so you can implement different strategies with several mentors pushing towards your objectives. They work with you. We work for you. If we are not able to help you, even though we tried for a whole year, we don’t deserve that money.

It’s all yours.

Apply today to join over 1,000 learners in the Global Architect network.

The next application deadline is January 15, 2020.